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  Fred Jager sr.

Fred Jager, born 18 May 1938 in Groningen, in 1966 took up restoring antiques and refurbishing interiors to his original designs. From this evolved his career as an artist. As a hobby he practised marine diving. The sights he encountered on the sea floor and the creatures living and growing in the salt water have never failed to inspire him; hence his art often entails giving shape to marine life in a 'solidified' form. He makes use of a variety of materials, ranging from oil paints and cardboard to stainless steel and wood. On his travels he was, and still is, fascinated by the sculptural shapes resulting from erosion and caving by turbulent water. Besides he has a keen interest in fossils - petrified life forms - and in ancient civilizations with their legends and mythology.

 In 1993 he became a full-time artist. His current work largely consists of plastic shapes on panels and canvas. He 'models' his paintings. With his hands he works a special liquid medium on a panel or a canvas until it sets. The result consists of colourful, three-dimensional, vaulted, puckered or wrinkled seafloors with protuberations like craters, fungal and coral growths, which the true sea-diver will immediately associate with sea life - half vegetable, half animal.

Fred Jager's work inevitably evokes a sense of probing the primeval origin of all that the earth has brought forth.

 Fred Jager is convinced that the amazing shapes of nature, evolved under the influence of the four elements, can never be equaled by an artist. Still, through his inspiration and enthusiasm he succeeds in creating sculptures with a similar magic.

 A review: 

"The Groningen artist Fred Jager is known as a somewhat eccentric, free artist. His work may therefore be regarded as non-mainstream, reflecting his very personal style. His panels and sculptures are marked by plastic shapes making up rich, imaginatively composed structures. With deft finger work he 'models' his material into bizarre, intriguing, earthy representations. The sea, the mountains and the fossil world are his sources of inspiration. The earth has a story to tell."

 Appointments for visiting his studio may be made through his e-mail address: fredjager.art@planet.nl. Visit also Erna Jager's website to click here